Filler (Coming Q1 2024)

The Ultimate AI Trader

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Ultimate Utility: Exclusively for Tier 3 CRGPT token holders (50,000 CRGPT and above), Filler is your premium passport to the vanguard of crypto trading.

Trading Revolution:Elevate your trading with our advanced AI, designed to provide deep market insights and a strategic edge.

Liquidation Alerts: With timely notifications, you'll navigate the market's ebbs and flows, never missing an opportunity.

Direct Integration: A seamless connection with your trading platforms ensures that Filler is a constant, reliable partner on your investment journey.

Tailored Learning: Engage with learning modules that adapt to your level, enhancing the expertise of newcomers and seasoned traders alike.

Expanded Coverage: Delve into comprehensive DEX analyses, reaching beyond conventional listings for wider market engagement.

AI-Powered Platform: : Filler extends beyond typical trading bots, offering a sophisticated AI platform that enhances your decision-making with high-caliber analytics.

Elevate your trading to Tier 3 and unlock Filler's full capabilities. Be one of the elite to harness the power of advanced AI in your trading arsenal.

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