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Biller’s message to the World

‘Ever feel like you're in a Burger-flipping slump with your trades? Feeling like they flip faster than a patty on the grill?

Well, here's the juicy secret: No more solo struggles—now I copy the sizzling moves of the top traders and watch my portfolio fry up some serious gains.

Tired of your trades feeling like a burnt burger? Join me and the crew at CryptoGPT, where we turn those trades from overdone to well-done. With social trading, we're in this grill together, copying strategies from the big leagues, and earning CRGPT tokens when others copy ours. It's the ultimate combo meal: copy, trade, and earn. So let's stack those profits like it's the ultimate burger tower and make every trade count!

Ready to trade like a top dog? Let's make your portfolio the talk of the town, one golden trade at a time!"

Please note: Until our Proof of Contribution (POC) Rewards system is fully operational, the monthly allocation of 147,000 CRGPT Tokens designated for POC Rewards will be burned. This measure ensures the value and scarcity of CRGPT Tokens are maintained, aligning with our commitment to token deflation and long-term sustainability.

Contribute Your Own AI Bot

Got a Killer Trading Bot? We Want to Hear from You! If you've developed an AI trading bot that's been raking in profits, it's time to take it public. At, we're always on the lookout for innovative trading solutions that can benefit our community. Become a recognized name in the AI trading community and the broader trading world. So, what are you waiting for? Join us in revolutionizing the world of trading with your AI bot!

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CRGPT Token Rewards

If your bot performs well, you'll not only gain fame but also earn CRGPT Tokens as a reward, on Top of your performance fee!. As part of our commitment to fostering innovation and rewarding contribution, we offer CRGPT Tokens to bot developers. These tokens serve as both a financial incentive and a badge of honor within our community.Time to shine Trader. Submit your AI Trading bot for review; our team of experts will evaluate its performance and reliability.

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