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We burn CRGPT Tokens with every transaction!

Every purchase on the CryptoGPT Marketplace isn't just a transaction—it's a spark that intensifies the CRGPT Token's deflationary fire. With each sale, we burn CRGPT Tokens equivalent to 20% of the transaction value. This deliberate incineration fuels the scarcity of CRGPT, potentially driving up its value and making each token even more precious.

Join the burn and watch the value grow. Every transaction is an investment in the token's future.



AI Products

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Legacy AI

Eternalize Your Essence

Craft a Legacy AI with your voice and wisdom to guide future generations. For $3,000 in CRGPT Tokens, create an immortal digital twin.

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Corporate Entity AI

Revolutionize Your Brand Experience

Transform your business with CEAI, a digital ambassador that embodies your company's ethos and engages customers like never before.

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AI Innovation Hub

Join the AI Elite

We're seeking revolutionary AI solutions to join our marketplace. If your AI sets the standard in innovation, we want it listed.

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