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Introducing CRGPT Token

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Embracing the Spirit of Bitcoin with Deflationary, Limited Supply for the Future of Trading Rewards

The token can be purchased or earned through our innovative 'Proof of Contribution' concept. CRGPT tokens reward active and successful traders while fostering a thriving, collaborative community in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency trading. Experience the future of trading rewards with the CRGPT Token—a token that respects the past and embraces the future.

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Utility of CRGPT Token

Unlock the True Potential of Your Trading with CRGPT Token

The CRGPT token is designed to serve multiple purposes within the CryptoGPT.io ecosystem, providing users with an array of benefits and utilities that enhance their trading experience.

Earn or Burn (POC)

Trade or Create, Just Don't Hesitate! With our 'Proof of Contribution' system, your trading smarts or AI bot genius earn you CRGPT tokens. It's not about mining, it's about defining your success and enriching the community. Contribute in your own way and let the CRGPT tokens flow

Access AI-Powered Tools

Use CRGPT tokens to unlock premium AI-driven tools and features on the CryptoGPT.io platform. These advanced trading solutions can help traders make smarter decisions and achieve greater success in the ever-evolving crypto market.

AI & Trading: A Synergy of Passion

Holders of CRGPT tokens are at the forefront of a trader-focused revolution. We're channeling 35% of our total token supply towards initiatives that ignite the passions of traders who love AI and the markets. Step into a world where trading expertise meets AI innovation.

Exclusive AI Benefits

Holding CRGPT tokens entitles users to exclusive trading benefits and AI market tools starting with the launch of CryptoGPT Chatbot. These advantages not only enhance the overall trading experience but also create additional value for the CRGPT token holders within the crypto trading community.

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Utility is Key to our success

By integrating the CRGPT token into multiple aspects of the CryptoGPT.io platform, we ensure that users have a multitude of ways to utilize and benefit from the token. As the platform evolves and expands, we will continue exploring new utilities and opportunities for the CRGPT token, further enhancing its value and appeal to the crypto trading community.



Tokenomics and Distribution

Valuable as Bitcoin, Flexible as Ethereum

The CRGPT token combines the best features of Bitcoin and Ethereum by incorporating Bitcoin's limited supply of 21,000,000 tokens and a deflationary mechanism, ensuring its scarcity and value over time. At the same time, CRGPT tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling us to create and develop smart-contract-enabled tokens that can be used with other products and services. These tokens represent assets, rights, ownership, access, cryptocurrencies, or any other non-unique entities that can be transferred.

Gradual Release

To maintain a sustainable and steady growth, 35% of the tokens will be released as Proof of Contribution Rewards. This will be done gradually at a rate of 2% per month during the first year, followed by a 50% halving every two years thereafter.

Earn or Burn (POC)

Our innovative Proof of Contribution rewards system, aka Earn or Burn: It's not about mining, it's about defining your success and enriching the community. Contribute in your own way and let the CRGPT tokens flow. Unclaimed tokens will be burned further increasing deflationary aspect of our token!

  • 70% of the CRGPT Trade rewards is reserved for other Trading activities / competitions
  • 30% of the CRGPT Trade rewards is reserved for other Trading activities This breakdown is subject to change based on the needs of our project and the aspirations/voting of our community.

Token distribution

  • Private Sale:


  • Presale:


  • Launch ICO:


  • Marketing and Development:


  • Team:


  • Reserve (CEX)


  • Earn or Burn (POC):


  • Viraldrop + Traderop:


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Distribution Chart

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Please note: Until our Proof of Contribution (POC) Rewards system is fully operational, the monthly allocation of 147,000 CRGPT Tokens designated for POC Rewards will be burned. This measure ensures the value and scarcity of CRGPT Tokens are maintained, aligning with our commitment to token deflation and long-term sustainability.


Initial Roadmap

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Finalize tokenomics and whitepaper. Conduct Private sale. Commence development of website and brand book. Launched AI Chatbot V1.

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Conduct presale (Dec 17th). List CRGPT token on DEXs (Presale phase includes Viraldrop & Tradedrop campaigns and marketing activities with Proof of Contribution concept in place). Conduct ICO Launch (Dec 21st)

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Implement AI trading tools and features; expand user base and trading volume. Launch of AI Chatbot V2. First version of CryptoGPT AI Marketplace(allow us some secrecy, this is a game changer).

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Continue platform development; explore additional partnerships and collaborations. Launch financial marketplace. First CEX Listings.

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Launch of CryptoGPT NFT collection backed by insane Utility and Art! (Be a CRGPT holder!). Launch of Complete AI GPT (AI Global platform of Trading). Aim for Tier 1 Listings.

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